Daily Life in Copenhagen

Last week I was out of the house more than I have been in a long time! Not having a steady job and living in a new country starting life anew, means a lot of home time. Filling up my social-bank felt really good and much needed! On a quiet Monday while sitting at home, I thought about how I would spend the day, and I realized something: I am alone far too much for my own good, and I don’t talk or relate with people. BOOM! I think that is what Oprah calls, “a light bulb moment“. It happened when I was watching a documentary about the suicide forest in Japan, and the man who volunteers to roam the dense forest looking for those who are suicidal, or have already, unfortunately, committed suicide. He was a sweet man who was very wise. He gave insight as to why he believes people commit suicide, and he said we are lost on the internet and in our technological world filled with iPhone’s, iPad’s and Facebook. He believes we rely on social devices in replace of real human to human contact. It really hit home when I realized in that moment that I felt a deep disconnection with those in the streets, in my new community and actual real people. I always felt free to smile and say hello to people in Canada, and I always felt a really strong connection with others in my community. I am not heading into the forests of Japan anytime soon, but I am going to put myself out there a little more and remove “hermit” from my LinkedIn profile. I believe it is really important to smile to strangers and take part in things going on in one’s community. Whether that means sitting at a local cafe for a couple of hours, volunteering, or simply just ‘getting out there’, I think it’s important to feel apart of something.

With that being said, check out some photos of what I have been up to lately!

We biked over to Amager to read, soak up some sun and hang out at Islands Brygge, when we came across this place called, FOODSHOP no. 26. We had some lunch and relaxed in the sun soaking up some much needed vitamin-D.

Fresh squeezed orange juice, sun and good company.

I was craving a sandwich, and this one was perfect. I love this place!

Foodshop no 26 in Amager near the popular, Islands Brygge, has really great food! We couldn’t resist a chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

We made some friends along the way…

Maybe Prince Charming? Give him a kiss…

We went to Karnival, which is similar to the Brazilian Carnival with less costumes, skin and beautiful women, but never the less, there were a lot Brazilians, Brazilian music, street food, drinks and people looking for a good time. Sounds like Brazil to me! Anyways, we intended just to stop by and say hello to some friends, but we stayed long enough for me to drink enough vodka Redbulls to make my way over  to a henna tattoo parlor. I’ve always wanted a henna tattoo ever since studying Egypt in grade 7 when I was 10 years old. Essentially, I waited 17 years for this moment…

My Henna tattoo that will last about 2 weeks. The top picture was just after application of the black henna. The bottom picture is the next day after scrapping all the black henna off. I don’t have any real tattoos, so it was neat to try this!

I was offered the AMAZING opportunity to work with the sound producer at Discovery Channel and TLC in Copenhagen. Essentially I was a voice actor for a couple of hours. I would read scripts and work on changing my voice to match the tone and style of the program. It was such a fantastic opportunity and I had a great time doing it despite feeling so nervous when I first arrived. I’ve never done anything like this before, and I have no experience outside of being a total goof ball by making funny voices with my close family and friends and singing in the shower! I dove right in, and after 10 minutes, it felt really natural and I could have stayed there all day.

It was really neat to see the final product with my voice narrating a show Courtney Cox hosted for TLC. It was very professional, and the whole experience gave me butterflies in my stomach and I heard that little voice inside that has been silenced over the years by crappy jobs, bosses, wages, etc. was saying, “this could really be something. Lets do this!”. I felt passion and a rush that I haven’t felt in a really long time for a job/career opportunity, and I can’t wait to pursue voice acting further. I’ll be going in to the studio again next week.

The recording studio.

Mmmm… warm drinks, and more great sandwiches!

I think I am living out some old British heritage this month because it was all about black tea and sandwiches for me!

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