Copenhagen Canal Tour in Pictures

One of the best ways to spend an hour in Copenhagen is taking a canal tour of the city. There is so much to see in Copenhagen, and while I still highly recommend visiting the sights on foot, it certainly is nice to have a break and just sit back and enjoy the ride. You’ll notice the local Copenhagener’s like to wave and stare at the people in the boats as they cruise by. It’s a very friendly experience, and you feel a little like you are an attraction for them to view instead of the other way around. The tour guides are really great about sharing interesting stories and facts about the city. I would rate this 5 out of 5 “Taks” as far as things to do in Copenhagen.

The center photo is of the Opera House. It was donated by the richest Dane, A.P. Moeller, who is co-founder of the largest shipping container company, Maersk. The roof construction is the largest in the world. It’s stunning!

Here are some tips from me to you for when taking your canal tour in Copenhagen:

-Catch the boat in Nyhavn.

-The tours starting on the left-hand side of the harbor (vs the end of the harbor) cost 40 DKK, or $8 CAD, and I have always had really great tours with them.

-Bring a jacket as it can be windy and a little cold, even on the sunny days.

-There are many low bridges that the boat sails under, so stay seated!

-The tour guides will always speak in Danish and English, and sometimes German.

-Remember your sunglasses! -there is a lot to see.

-Sit near the front of the boat if people-free pictures are important to you. Otherwise, you may have other people’s arms and cameras in your photos, too.

-Have a cold beer in Nyhavn and enjoy the live outdoor music usually playing before taking the tour!

The center photo is of the famous Little Mermaid. She is so small and there are so many people taking photos, it is hard to see her. I guess you’ll have to visit Denmark, and see her yourself. The photo to the right has a funny story. This naval ship was Denmark’s glory until in the 1970’s the captain accidentally pressed a wrong button and sent a cannon flying into a row of summer houses. No one was hurt (thankfully) but the ship was docked for good, and the cannons removed, soon after.

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