Time to Celebrate!

Yesterday I passed my level 3 danish exam, and it’s time to celebrate! I start level 4 on Monday, and I am really looking forward to it. I have to admit, I was struggling the last couple of weeks to make it to class and stay motivated to learn danish and build a life here. I was having a little bit of an identity crisis and just wanted to speak English and not put myself out there. But, now I am feeling a new sense of energy and enthusiasm towards learning danish, and I have a strong calm knowing that everything is going to turn out all right. 

Yesterday was a good day. Not only did I pass the test, I found my Hunter boots that I thought were stolen during an open-houses held in our apartment that is for sale. Also, my local Whole Foods grocery store in Vancouver sent us a care-package with our favorite wine gums, two Vancouver papers to read, and a hand-written card. We were blown away by the amazing gesture! With all the good effortlessly coming my way yesterday, I didn’t even care that I got rejected (again) for an interview at a job I had applied for last week. Normally I would break down being rejected for ‘lack of experience’ for a job to run errands, put out lunch, and make copies as an office assistant, but I have faith that the Universe has a bigger and better plan for me, and if it’s shown through expensive boots and candy showing up on the same day, I’m bound to like what else is coming!

We will have candy for the entire summer thanks to Whole Foods in Vancouver!

Thanks for reading! More posts to come very soon.

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