Happy Mother’s Day Mom

Dear Mom,

I know you’ll read this because you are my eternal fan, and supporter. I’ve always looked up to you, and some of my earliest memories are from the early 1990s when you would wear colorful dresses with big shoulder pads. Paula and I would watch you get ready like you were a live Barbie doll, and after you were finished applying perfect makeup and taking the curlers out of your blonde silky hair, you would twirl around and ask us what we thought.  We would grin big smiles and our eyes would twinkle with approval. We had so much fun playing “dress up”. The door bell would ring shortly after and you would give us both a kiss on the cheek before leaving us with the babysitter and head out for a night with friends. I would lay in bed thinking of the music and all the dresses at the party and think how fabulous it must be to be an adult.

Fast forward to today, Paula and I are all grown up, and we still play dress up! Going through your jewelery box and oohing and awing at all your new pieces has become an Olsen-family tradition. If we show you a new top, or even an old one at that, you always say, “try it on!”. You have not only been an amazing mother, but a really great friend. I cherish our weekly talks now that I am living in Denmark, and I always know you have my best intentions at heart.

You once told me something that I tell myself almost daily. You said to me once, “You always have a choice, even not choosing is choice”. This always gets me moving because I think, ‘if I’m making a choice anyway, I might as well be making one that gets me something’.

So to my beautiful intelligent mother, Happy Mother’s Day! I look forward to many more jewelery-raids, good talks, and memories together.

I love you!


I remember we would walk in the forest collecting flowers and pussy willows together 🙂

You told me these were the first signs of spring. I still look for them when in the forest to know winter is officially over. I remember we used to scan the forest and point out these flowers when we would see them 🙂

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One comment

  1. Hi Krista,

    Thank you for the nice comments and memories and making your blog a mother’s day one !.. People reading that will think that I must a been a real social butterfly when infact I am more an at home kind of person than one that goes out. When I get ready it’s usually just to go to work!! Anyhow for a brief second I almost convinced myself that once upon a time I had an exciting life. that part about trying on jewellry and clothes is true thou and yes I remember going for walks and finding flowers and pussy willows. Do you remember that night you and I were walking down the road in the dark and you picked up a pear and threw it (into the dark) and Bang it hit a metal sign and sounded like a gun shot and then you and I could not stop laughing!!! Love you and thanks again for the nice memories. Love mom

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