Walking in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a great city for walking. The six main neighborhoods making up the greater Copenhagen area are close together, which makes site-seeing and daily life in all areas of the city easily accessible. Denmark is a relatively flat country, so walking and biking are two of the main forms of transportation. You’ll be surprised how far you can get around in Copenhagen with just one hour’s worth of walking. One of the things I’ve noticed about my new life here in Copenhagen, is that I venture out to all the different neighborhoods every week. I live in Frederiksberg, I go to school in Noerrebro, I meet friends in the city center, and I’ll go shopping in Vesterbro. I see a lot of the city by walking around or by bike. Either way, the weather is beautiful here and the days are long, and Copenhagen seems like a flower blooming more and more everyday!

Here are a collection of my favorite photos of Copenhagen taken in April.

Grave stones from the early 1880's

There is something special about walking through a graveyard. Maybe it's the calmness, the beauty, the memories of loved ones, or the knowing that we are among something we can absolutely be sure of for all living things, which is the cycle of life - death included - and it's reassuring to know we can be certain of at least one thing.

Frederik den Siette (1768-1839)

Just taking a walk…

More photo blog entries to come from Copenhagen! Until next time, lets connect on Facebook. Lets be blogging friends!

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  1. I loved Copenhagen when I visited and can’t wait to go back. Thanks for the inspiring photos.

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