Images from Denmark

I’ve been a legal alien in Denmark for two months, and I thought it would be great to celebrate with a few images from the country I now call home.

The Lakes in the center of the city. This moment perfected with an organic whole wheat chocolate croissant.

One of my favorite spots to stop and take in some scenery. This was a cold day in Copenhagen, and I was on my way to a cafe for a warm drink. Photo taken near Christiania in Copenhagen.

This building is right around the corner from my apartment. I love the colors, and contrast of the orange tone of the building with the blue sky. The moon sneaked its way in there, too.

The Danish country-side is full of long, well-paved highways that are flat and perfect for cruising along to great music. The scenery is beautiful, too.

Copenhagen has suffered from two major fires. One, in 1728 which burned 28% of the city in three days, and another in 1795 which burned nearly 1,000 homes making 6,000 people homeless in two days. The style and architecture of the buildings you see in Copenhagen today were influenced by these fires. Copenhagen wouldn’t be what it is today without burning to the ground -twice! Great things can come from tragedy.

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