Krista Olsen, Blogger, TakCopenhagen

Growing up in a small town in the Canadian Rockies, Krista dreamed of the big city, and going to University. The daughter of a hard-working mother and a danish father, from an early age, Krista was exposed to different cultures from Christmas’ in the Canadian prairies with farmers and Hutterites, and summers in Denmark with her father, and sister.

After graduating high school, Krista moved to Vancouver, Canada to attend the University of British Columbia to study Political Science. During her third year, she fulfilled her life-long dream of studying abroad in Denmark at the University of Copenhagen. During that year, Krista experienced all the up’s and down’s of living and studying in a foreign country. During 12 months abroad, she avidly wrote in her journal about her experiences traveling around eight different European countries, falling in love, heart break, the crippling effects of loneliness and homesickness, friendship, food, how she lost herself, and how she found herself.

Through her writing, Krista’s passion for health, food and nutrition were revealed. She enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, and finished University in Vancouver the following year. She started her own health coaching business, Prime Health Coaching, and worked with clients in the area of emotional eating and weight loss.

A year and a half after leaving Denmark, love set Krista on an unexpected path and she moved back to Copenhagen with her danish boyfriend.  Krista is driven by her passions in the hip city where she explores danish culture, food, and lifestyle. She continues her education by learning to speak the danish language. A grueling task that causes her much frustration. Krista dreams of one day also living in Paris, New York, and sunny California.

Please contact Krista at: takcopenhagen@gmail.com

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